I am SOOO sorry about not creating blank pages for upcoming chapters. Actually, blank pages for anything. I'm still so new to wikis that I was only creating pages as I came up with content for them. I've been working alone for a while and didn't even realize the wrong I was doing. This is the worst way to run a wikia open to the public. I had no idea how I was preventing growth on this wikia and I am terribly sorry for that. I had totally forgotten about all of the blank chapter pages created by Straw-Hat Luffy and XGlass Reflection with the intent of inviting people to contribute.

I will still keep the Chapters and Volumes page protected for reasons I wrote about in a previous blog post. But I will make sure to have blank chapter pages available to edit long before the actual chapter comes out.

Again I am so so sorry for what I have and haven't done. But I will try harder to make this wikia a more welcoming place to hang out and contribute to.


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