I needed to take a break from text and images, so I decided to tackle one of my annoyances: the chaper infobox. There were some discrepancies with it that I've mentioned in an older blog post. Two versions of the same infobox were circulating the wiki. So I fixed the code a little bit and updated all 35 chapters for uniformity. Can you say 'tedious'? This doesn't have to be the final product however. We can tweek colors too. In fact, I would like to do a total overhaul on this site, in particular the color scheme. I want to rearrange the main page as well, but more on that another time.

My next major project will be adding images of chapter title pages into the chapter infobox. The main issue there is finding images without watermarks. I don't have access to raws, but I have access to Crunchyroll, so I'll do my best to get clean images from there.

I've also been working on a character infobox, which will be up soon. Therefore I'll need new character profile pics for some people. Most importantly however is what stats to include. You know, 'name' 'gender' 'first appearance'... things like that. I'll write another blog post about what I'm considering including later.


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