So I spent all of my day (after work that is) on this wiki. I only planned on checking in real quick... and ended up adding links to like 10 pages or something. No es bueno. My offline life needs me!

Besides adding links I wrote up a brief summary for the Guards. I'll find and add some pictures to it later. And I dropped the link for an ApNoTo Facebook page. That one no longer exists. I replaced it with a really kick-@ss Facebook page for the manga which is vibrant, visually appealing... and in Vietnamese :(

Lastly, I asked for help on using forums. I'd like to have a public place for everyone to talk about site maintanence, as well as general discussion about the manga. But I don't know how to talk in a forum. A little help please :)


And yes, I know how ironic it is to have the user name "ReticentOne" when all I do is talk :P

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