So I added some things to the site. First I added a "Skills" heading in Yoshioka, Maeda and Yamanoi's profiles (Iwakura already has one.) Here we can add info about unique traits they all have.

Next I added subheadings to the "History" section of some profiles, the Cell Four guys for now. They are, with a rough estimate of their chapters:

The Beginning of the Outbreak (chapters 1-4)
JSDF Weapons Run (chapters 5-11)
The Death of the First Bokor (chapters 12-18)
The Child of Light Cultists (chapters 19-27)
Journey to the Sea Firefly (chapters 28-current)

This way we can break up the history section into story arcs. I just randomly created the names for the arcs based on what goes on in them. If anyone has a better way to label them, or official word of god titles than by all means change them.

I also added quick History summaries for Maeda and Yoshioka. I don't like them though, as they are incomplete IMHO. But I figure that having something in these new subheadings would be better than just leaving them blank. We can always go back and add more to them later. That would be ideal as picutres need to be added as well. I'm too tired to do any justice to Yamanoi's profile right now. But I'm almost finished with his full one anyway so this will have to do.

At some point I will put more effort into adding hyperlinks to each page that needs them. It's a lot of work, so everyone please feel free to jump in if you'd like to help. The links needed are basic: links to people and places, as well as links to chapters. I'll probably pick away at this, so forgive me if I leave a long trail of minor edit crumbs in the Wiki Activity. I'm not crazy about minor edits as I prefer to make many major changes at once. But this is too much work to do all at once. And I've got more important things to do like fixing profiles and adding images to chapters.

What I really need to work on is not being so much of a perfectionist! Rather, I should pick away at things more often, instead of waiting until I have every section of a page typed before creating it. That's what got me into trouble before-- being too afraid to edit because I didn't have everything together. I have to remember that a)this is a community wiki and b)things will get done eventually. If not by me than by someone else. So I'll try harder to keep that in mind, and make sections and pages that everyone can fill in the gaps on.

'Tis better to do a little bit of everything than a lot of nothing. Or something like that :)


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