Hello.Today I worked on Maeda and Yamanoi's profile pages. Maeda's page needed images, and Yamanoi's page, well... Yamanoi's page was a code-crazy-mess! I have no idea how that mess came to be, but all the "span" & "p" crap is gone now. I also have no idea how long it's been that way. Sorry about that guys. I'm doing so much that some things slip through the cracks. Yamanoi is dead, so I don't worry too much about his page anymore. I just randomly found that mess while working on Maeda's page.

Maeda's page is good for the most part. But it still needs a bit more. It's lacking citations down towards the later arcs, like "Journey to the Sea Firefly" and "The Sea Firefly". Also, his summaries for some of these arcs are too short. I wrote some of them on the fly because they'd been bare for a really long time. But he's the main character and deserves more than a paragraph here and a sentence there. Longer summaries also mean more room to add images. I put off adding images to his profile because there was too little space for decent sized images. And one image per story arc can't explain much. Feel free to expand some of this stuff, or any other character's profile for that matter.

As always, please edit things as you see fit. I check the wiki activity page to see what's been done and help out if I can. Also, write on my message wall if you have any questions or comments. I'd love to hear your ideas on how to make this wiki awesome.


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