I finally created a character infobox! Hurray! The Cell Four guys have it, as does the Bokor, Hitotsukabuto and several others. You can see how to fill it out here.

These are some of the things I've noticed while working with the character infobox:

  1. Anyone can edit these infoboxes, even if you are not logged in. That's a great idea I think. New users and visitors can all work together on this.
  2. Anyone can add this infobox to a page. Just erase the existing profile image (the infobox needs to go in that spot on the page). Next, add the template Character Infobox. Fill out all the fields you have information on. Then add the profile image within the Image field by typing image: and the name of the image. Example: image:10 Iwakura Profile.png
  3. When you type in more than one line of text you will have to put
    at the end of each line you type. If you don't, all of the lines of text will just make a long sentence. I'll try to figure out how to fix this, if it's even possible. Until then I'll keep an eye out for updates to the infoboxes and make corrections as necessary.
  4. Blurry profile images. Some of the profile images, such as Iwakura's and Dr. Yukko Sakagami's, get blurry when blown up to the infobox's dimentions. I'll replace them when I get the chance.
  5. Unsuitable profile images. Some profile images, such as Hitotsukabuto's and Yoshioka's, need to be changed. I would like profile images to be: a) forward facing, b) an image showing the head and most of the character's body and c) a natural image of the character, not their faces beat up or their eyes closed or them looking extremely shocked, sad, etc. I'd like as natural a facial expression and body posture as possible to convey a good idea of their personality.
  6. Lastly, each infobox comes with a link to the character's Image Gallery at the bottom. The image galleries are blank until the page is actually created. Then a gallery widget has to be added to the page. I'll set up the character infobox and gallery page simultaneously. That way even if the gallery is blank it will be ready for anyone to upload an image to it.

I hope the color scheme is okay. I used black, like the chapter infobox. And I used dark red for the subheadings because it fits with the dark red color scheme on the main page. I'm going to change the wiki's color scheme soon. I know people are used to the purple we've had since the beginning, but this is a dark manga, and our scheme should reflect that. A black background because it's a horror manga. And a dark red navigation bar up top, the color of drying zombie blood. I like that idea very much.

Let's get out their and showcase these characters! They deserve it :)

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