Hello everybody! I'm sorry that I haven't introduced myself yet. I'm ReticentOne, a woman who loves Apocalypse no Toride, or "Fortress of the Apocalypse". It's a manga created by Kuraishi Yuu. I was introduced to it on Spectrum Nexus, a site to read (english translated) manga for free. I then switched over to Manga Reader because they had more current issues available. Vendetta Scans are the people doing the scanning and translating, so you will see their logo, or Manga Reader's logo occasionally on the pictures here.

So far I am the only one working on the manga for a while. There was a person, Butternat, who contributed some pictures, but since then no one else has posted anything new. And the wiki's creator Hayasaka-Shion hasn't posted anything since the wiki's creation in November of 2012. So this wiki needs a lot of help!

I work on the wiki sporatically. I may not post anything for a week, but I'm editing photos and writing chapter summaries all the time when I'm offline. One of the reasons I haven't posted a lot is because I'm not an administrator or bureaucrat. Therefore the things I can do are limited. I'll write another post about that in a bit.

Anyway, welcome to the apocalypse. We could surely use the company!

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