Here's a brief list of things I can think of that either need work or need to be addressed.

More pictures:

  • For chapter summaries
  • For a potential gallery
  • To spice up character summaries

Pages that need love:

  • Seals
  • Riku
  • Guards
  • Unnamed Cultist
  • Viruses (images?)
  • JSDF Garrison (image)
  • Yokosuka U.S. Naval Base (image)
  • The Sea Firefly (explaination of location, and what the guys have do to get there)
  • Dr. Yukko Sakagami
  • Chapter 33
  • Chapters and Volumes

A consensus on naming:

  • Are we using standard Japanese form (last name, first name) or standard (English?) form (first name, last name)? There is a lot of switching back and forth of naming formats on the wiki, and I think we need to decide how to handle this.
  • I personally think we should adopt an overall (last name, first name) format. All of the characters in the manga are addressed by their last names (except parents talking to their children). So long as we let people know that we are presenting names one way or the other is truly the issue.
  • I think most of the manga's readers know that 'Maeda' is actually his last name, but many people may not. Do we change everything to first/last then? Including all of the links?
Let's chip away at these tasks, however we wish to do so, and our wiki will be wonderful.

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