So I've added a full history to Iwakura Gou's page. It's still needs a lot of help-- images need to be aligned better, links need to be added, and grammar needs to be rechecked. But the majority of the work is done, so anyone wanting to edit and improve it can just jump on in.

I also made a change. There was the Heading 2 named "Stregths." It only existed in Iwakura's character bio, and just talked about how physically strong he was. So I changed the name to "Skills." I added that he's smart and good with combat matters. I'll have to add this the other characters. It makes sense; it's a cool way to quickly summarize cool traits about the characters.

Hopefully I'll have another improved bio done this week. As much as I hate him, I'll probably shoot for Yamanoi's next, considering his importance in the current story arc.


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